Good day!

My name is Nadia/Nala and I'm 22 years of age from Perth, Australia.

I'm a friendly creature filled with inner ramblings and attempts at artistic-ness.

You will find a large variety of posts on this blog including my art as well as things that inspire me.

I adore fantasy movies/shows like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Xena. I'm a fan of bands like MCR, 30STM and AFI. I also adore various Anime and cartoons (eg. Adventure Time) as well as beautiful pictures.

Feel free to say hello! I love other friendly faces! <3 :)

12th April 2014

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Growing Strong

12th April 2014

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game of thrones meme → [1/7] quotes

…madness and greatness are two sides of the same coin. Every time a new Targaryen is born, he said, the gods toss the coin in the air and the world holds its breath to see how it will land.

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13th February 2014

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“I am not the frightened girl you met in Pentos. I have counted only fifteen name days, true… but I am as old as the crones in the dosh khaleen and as young as my dragons, Jorah. I have borne a child, burned a khal, and crossed the red waste and the Dothraki sea. Mine is the blood of the dragon.” 

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10th December 2013

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A bit of fan-art drawn by me of Gerard Way.

My favourite era of MCR had to be the ‘Revenge Era’ simply because it was when I first fell in love with this little band. This then-teenage girl was completely hooked and became a fan until (and beyond) the very end. :)

31st October 2013


Nala Art!

I decided to put all my art on a different blog so it would be easy to find and browse through. :)

If anyone is interested it’s:

It will be full of all my art crap! Like scribbles and finished/unfinished stuff and junk. So if you’re into that feel free to take a look!

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11th October 2013

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Shingeki no Holy Shit Look at that Animation

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7th October 2013

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Source: 借りてきたエレン | キャラウェイ [Pixiv]



Source: 借りてきたエレン | キャラウェイ [Pixiv]

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7th October 2013

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by 木又-友達募集中


by 木又-友達募集中

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23rd September 2013

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Just scribbling my characters. 
Here are the Thornleigh brothers. :)

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28th August 2013

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G R O W I N G   S T R O N G

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